Professional site builder.

Professional website builder to you and your clients. Use bundled blocks and components to easily build professional looking web pages.

Build with Blocks & Components

Professionally designed building blocks to create stunning web sites


Azazilla uses with a selection of professionally designed blocks, such as covers, features, slideshows, content sections, etc. Users can use these blocks to create stunning web pages literally within minutes.


If you desire more control over You pages, Azazilla offers a selection of components to customize pages on the canvas. Examples of components would be navigation bars, headings, text blocks, images, videos, maps, etc.

Drag & Drop your way to a beautiful web site

Join our 3,000+ happy customers and start building web sites within minutes with our easy to use drag and drop interface and style editor.

Start with blocks

Get your page on the canvas and looking awesome literally within seconds by using one or more of our blocks. Once on the canvas, blocks can be dragged and dropped to change the order in which they appear.

Finishing touches using components

Use our pre-defined components such as navigation bars, maps, headings, text blocks, images, videos and more for a higher level of control. Components already on the canvas can easily be re-arranged by dragging and dropping them.

Built-in HTML Editor

Use Azazilla’s built-in HTML editor, to have full control over each block’s source code. Comes with built-in error detection.

Easy to use style editor

Modify virtually any style property for any element on the canvas. In addition to setting specific properties, style classes can also be applied, combining multiple styles.

Configurable & flexible

Using a configuration file, the application administrator will have full control over which style properties and classes are available for which elements.

More Azazilla features

It’s not just a pretty page builder 😉

Revision history

Azazilla stores older version of your pages and allows you to revert back to an older version anytime.

Form handling

Form submissions are easily captured by Azazilla, which will email the data to a specified address.


Sites can be published in a subfolder, subdomain or custom domain.

Image library

You can upload and maintain own private image library. In addition, you can also use the general image library.

Pre-made templates

Create and save full page templates which users can access and use to get their own pages ready faster.

Expand Azazilla with additional blocks

Looking to build your own blocks? No problem! Adding your own blocks is easy, and the process is detailed in the documentation provided.

Azazilla PRICING


Perfect for startups
  • unlimited sites
  • unlimited pages
  • 5000 mb
  • sub-domain
  • Basic support (email)
  • 250+ professionally designed blocks
  • Free update

Web shop

Everyting you'll ever need
  • unlimited site
  • unlimited pages
  • unlimited gb
  • unlimited domain
  • Personal support
  • 500+ professionally designed blocks
  • Free update

 “Azazilla has allowed us to offer our customers an easy-to-use, but very powerful web site creation tool. Since it comes with over 250 professionally designed blocks, we literally had the service up and running and fully functional within an hour!”

Sergei Kolchin

CEO, Espero Team